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Market Capitalization (D) 116.82B
Trailing P/E (D) 26.27
Price / Sales (D) 2.75
Price / Book (D) 8.98
Book Value Per Share (Q) 20.03
Basic EPS (Q) 1.76
Diluted EPS (Q) 1.73
Ex-Date (Q) 04/10/2019
Dividend Per Share (Q) 1.46
Annual Yield (D) 1.62%


30-DAY STOCK PERFORMANCE RANKING (out of 6116 companies)

0-30 DAYS 30-60 DAYS 60-90 DAYS 90-120 DAYS 120-150 DAYS 150-180 DAYS
654 1417 3085 1212 1770 965
180-210 DAYS 210-240 DAYS 240-270 DAYS 270-300 DAYS 300-330 DAYS 330-360 DAYS
1705 2341 1048 3084 1065 1481

Company Description

We operate globally with one common brand and business model designed to enable us to provide clients around the world with the same high level of service. Drawing on a combination of industry and functional expertise, technology capabilities and alliances, and our global delivery resources, we seek to provide differentiated services that help our clients measurably improve their business performance and create sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders. Our global delivery model enables us to provide an end-to-end delivery capability by drawing on our global resources to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. In fiscal 2014, we continued to implement a strategy focused on industry and technology differentiation, as well as geographic expansion. We have made a number of changes in our operating model and organization structure, including moving additional professionals with management consulting and technology consulting skills from other parts of the Company into our five operating groups. We also aligned our organization around three geographic regions: North America (the United States and Canada); Europe; and Growth Markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Turkey). In addition, we aligned our resources around four growth platforms: Accenture Strategy, a unique capability bringing together business strategy and technology strategy at scale; Accenture Digital, an end-to-end digital capability combining our services in digital marketing, analytics and mobility; Accenture Technology, which provides global delivery capabilities, focuses on research and development in our Technology Labs and manages our alliance relationships; and Accenture Operations, which combines our business process outsourcing capabilities with our infrastructure and cloud services, enabling us to run key operations “as a service” for clients. We combine our capabilities across strategy, digital, technology and operations to provide differentiated, industry- and function-based, end-to-end business services.

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Gross Margin (TTM) 30.31%    0.21%
Net Profit Margin (TTM) 10.51%    0.52%


Return on Assets (TTM) 16.77%    0.56%
Return on Equity (TTM) 32.57%    0.32%


Current Ratio (Q) 1.35    1.74%
Quick Ratio (Q) 0.44    1.89%

Capital Structure  

Debt:Equity (Q) 1.00    4.83%
Debt:Asset (Q) 0.51    2.51%


Basic Average Shares Outstanding (Q) 638.64M    0.04%
Fully Diluted Average Shares Outstanding (Q) 649.17M    0.46%